A new era in renewables is clearly round the corner. Things seem to be moving on the right track, but there is a need to have clear-cut norms and proactive policy to coagulate funds and resources right along the board in the renewable energy space
Jaideep Mishra

Solar power remains the brightly promising spot in the field of renewable energy, and its prospects seem to be improving by the day.

New Delhi: After missing the Commonwealth Games deadline, Delhi

New Delhi: After night curfew on aircraft movement at IGI

Floating Windmills Will Harness Energy Where Winds Are Strongest
Danny Fortson

Agroup of companies has come up with a radical proposal that it claims will open up thousands of kilometres of coastline to zero-carbon power: floating windmills.

Project Deepwater was launched last year by firms including BAE Systems, the defence giant, and the utility EDF Energy to research ways of overcoming t

Vedanta Group Co Was Told To Close Copper Smelting Plant For Environmental Hazards

New Delhi: Sterlite Industries on Thursday moved the Supreme Court against the Madras High Court order that directed the company to shut down its copper smelting plant at Tuticorin for not complying with the environmental norms.

New Delhi: Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group company Reliance Power is setting up the world's largest solar power plants in the country with an investment of Rs 9,000 crore. The group is planning to generate 600 MW. The company has already identified the sites in Rajasthan and Maharashtra to generate 600 MW.

Tehran:The malicious Stuxnet computer worm has hit 30,000 industrial computers in Iran, officials said on Sunday, but denied the Islamic republic

1-Gigawatt Atomic Plant Certain To Raise Safety Concerns With New Delhi, Washington

Beijing: China

London: The US military will soon have a new solar-powered unmanned spy aircraft that can fly non-stop for more than five years.

The aircraft, called SolarEagle, which is being built by Boeing is designed in such a way that it can soar in the upper atmosphere for years, constantly sending surveillance and intelligence information back to the ground.

The US military has already given

New Delhi: Delhi government on Monday gave the go-ahead for setting up a gas-based 750MW power project