New Delhi: Consumers will have to fork out up to 40 paise a litre more for motor fuels in 13 cities that will upgrade to Euro-IV quality. Petroleum secretary S Sundareshan on Monday confirmed that the government was considering a differential pricing for Euro-IV petrol and diesel but declined to say by how much the prices would be higher from Euro-III fuels being sold now.

New Delhi: In line with its commitment to minimize greenhouse gases, discom NDPL has prepared an ambitious plan to tap renewable sources of energy. Apart from its several solar projects that already exist, the discom is working on various other plans with an aim to generate up to 1500kW power from solar energy before the Commonwealth Games.

Presents Paper To IRDA, But Doesn

New Delhi: In a judgment that could make power tariff more consumer friendly, the Supreme Court has green lighted the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission's authority to cap profit margin on trading of electricity.

Isolated over the civil nuclear liability bill, the government was forced to back off in the Lok Sabha on Monday when it decided to defer introducing the legislation in the face of spirited opposition from the Left and BJP, who were prepared to call a division on the legislation.

New Delhi: A crucial bill that provides for compensation in case of a nuclear accident is slated to be introduced in Lok Sabha on Monday, a move that is expected to give more fodder to the Opposition to attack the government.

NEW DELHI: The much-debated nuclear liability bill, critical to participation of US firms in atomic commerce with India, seems headed for the standing committee on energy with contradictions emerging over liabilities that will be incurred by state operators and foreign firms in case of a mishap.

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New Delhi: The coal ministry wants to take back the mines that were offered to the oil ministry for tapping gas trapped in layers of coal

New Delhi: There will be no rollback of the recent increase in fuel prices. With Congress holding firm on the decision announced in the budget, and with allies coming around, the new rates of petrol and diesel will remain in force.

Washington: Some beach sand minted into floppy-sized ceramic tiles, a coating of secret ink, and just about any fuel