The Slum and JJ Department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi claimed to have achieved some sort of a record by constructing thousands of community toilets and a number of sewage treatment plants

A widespread earthquake shook Central England and Wales, rattling homes and rousing people from sleep on Sept 23. There were no reports of injuries or serious damage. Worried Britons deluged police

Unit I of the Ropar Thermal Plant was shut down due to a boiler leakage, leading to a decrease in power generation by 50 lakh units per day. Sources said how many days the unit would take for repairs

In a major development that may further threaten the already scarce forest cover in Punjab, the state government in keen to remove Section 4 of the Punjab Land Conservation Act from about 1 lakh

A group of Bhopal gas leak survivors left for Johannesburg to demonstrate against Dow Chemical on August 27 when Earth Summit opens there. Union Carbide Corporation, responsible for the December 1984

The Haryana Slum Clearance Board would initiate a municipal solid waste management project for Jhajjar Municipality for which a sum of Rs 89.25 lakh would be provided as loan. This was disclosed by

Continuous drought and failure of the monsoon in Himachal Pradesh has resulted in a loss of over Rs 20 crore to the State. It recorded very low rainfall. The Gobindsagar and Pong dams have not filled

The Madhya Pradesh Government will move the Supreme Court with a prayer that the Union Carbide Corporation, now amalgamated with Dow Chemical Company, be directed to remove chemical waste dumped on

Noted personalities expressed the need for a change in lifestyle and consumption pattern to realise the goal of 'sustainable development' and to protect the environment. Addressing a seminar on

A slimming craze is sweeping across Asia, where some women's desire for ever thinner bodies has already cost them their lives. In Japan, five people have died and more than 500 have fallen ill after