The document reviews approaches for Urban Mobility Plans (UMP) from various countries and showcases a growing number of examples calling for a shift away from the traditional, infrastructure-oriented approach towards sustainable and people-oriented planning.

The transport sector is a major consumer of energy and with 59 Mt CO2, or 17% of total greenhouse gases, the 2nd largest emitter in Thailand. This translates into 0.88 tonnes per capita. Freight and passenger transport are almost equal in their contribution to energy use and GHG emissions.

The International Fuel Prices report provides an overview of the retail prices of gasoline and diesel in over 170 countries. It further explores recent trends and case studies on fuel prices and fuel pricing policies in developing countries.

This document reflects the current state of the art in the growing topic of generating cooking energy by using dry biomass for gasification. It includes the technical background, together with project examples, as well as more recent developments in gasifier stove technologies.

A comparison among firewood, charcoal and LPG shows that each energy source has its own specific advantages, inconveniences and limitations. They should be considered jointly within a comprehensive, inter-sectoral energy strategy that provides an effective framework for governments.