This bill approved by Meghalaya cabinet recently has come under scanner for its definition of 'forest'. It defines "forest" as a continuous tract of minimum four hectares of land having more than 250 naturally growing trees and has come under scanner.

Read text of the controversial Meghalaya Mines and Minerals Policy approved by the state cabinet to facilitate systematic and scientific utilization of mineral resources keeping in view the protection of environment, land, health and safety of people in and around the mining areas.

The Government of Meghalaya has identified fisheries as a key sector and has decided to launch the Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission (MSAM) co-terminus with the Twelfth Five Year Plan period (2012-13 to 2016-17).

The state government has invited comments on this draft Meghalaya Water Act 2012. This act aims to deal with water issues in a comprehensive manner without derogating existing laws impinging upon water.

In view of the vital importance of water for human and animal life, for maintaining ecological balance and for economic and development activities of all kinds and considering its increasing scarcity, the planning and management of this resources and its optimal, economical and equitable use has become a matter of utmost urgency.

Inspite of the immense potential for developing fisheries, the State has not made any major progress in the Fisheries sector, due to various constraints, fund allocation being one of them.

Meghalaya has a fragile ecosystem covering an area. The main objective of climate change action plan is to strategize adaptation and mitigation initiative towards emission stabilization and enhances the resilience of the ecosystem.

These byelaws may be called the Meghalaya Building-Bye Laws 2011. These byelaws shall apply to all the Master Plan Areas and Scheme Areas notified or to be notified from time to time within the State. These byelaws shall come into force on such date as the Meghalaya Urban Development Authority may make Notification in the Official Gazette.

This is a draft of the State Tourism Policy of Meghalaya 2010. The Meghalaya Tourism Policy, 2010 is quite exhaustive and attractive and would seek to make Meghalaya a sought-after tourist destination. The policy emphasizes participation of the community in the hospitality sector.

The Meghalaya Mineral Policy has been drafted with an aim to
facilitate systematic, scientific and planned utilization of mineral resources
and to streamline mineral based development of the State, keeping in
view, protection of environment, health and safety of the people in and
around the mining areas.