Record of proceedings of the Supreme Court of India on the Petition for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No. 14698/2010 on the proposed Nirma Cement Plant at Bhavnagar, Gujarat dated 18/03/2011.


This Supreme Court order dated Feb 8, 2011 has directed the Centre to reconstitute “scientific panels” under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, after the apex court found that the panels, meant to have independent experts, comprised entirely of members from food and soft drink lobbies

As per this order by the Supreme Court, the transfer of village community land for private and commercial use is illegal and all state governments have been asked to prepare schemes for eviction of illegal occupants of village community land and restore them back for the purpose it was originally meant for.

Supreme Court judgement on gochar (village grazing land) village Solagaria, district Pakur, Jharkhand.

A two Judge bench of the Indian Supreme Court of India, on 20th July,
2010, quashed the criminal defamation case against 11 activists
initiated by the Crop Care Federation (formerly Pesticides Associations
of India, a consortium of pesticide manufacturing companies).

CIVIL APPEAL NO. 2284 OF 2010 is directed against the judgment of Madras High Court passed onOctober 31, 2008 whereby a writ petition in the nature of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the appellant

Supreme court order on Bhopal waste disposal dated Jan 28, 2010

Curative Petition (Criminal) No. 39-42 of 2010 in Criminal Appeal No. 1672-75 of 1996 on Bhopal Gas Disaster.

Supreme Court judgement dated 06/10/2009 on river Noyyal pollution. The Court was of the opinion that there has been unabated pollution by the members of Tirupur Dyeing Factory Owners. They cannot escape the responsibility to meet out the expenses of reversing the ecology. They are bound to meet the expenses of removing the sludge of the river.

Text of the Supreme Court judgment on mining in the Aravalli Hill Range of Haryana as on 8th October, 2009 . The apex court granted conditional permission for resumption of mining of minor minerals in the Aravalli region of Faridabad and Palwal.