Mercury distribution in the environment has been a focus of scientific attention because of the potential health risks posed by mercury exposure.

The most visible impact of air pollution is the haze, a brownish layer of pollutants and particles from biomass burning and industrial emissions, that pervades most regions in Asia. A recent international study, the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX), has revealed that this haze is transported far beyond the source region, particularly during the dry season.

This study looks at the linkages between dams and climate change. It analyses the climate change legal regime as represented by the UN Framework Convention on Climate
Change and its Kyoto Protocol and attempts to highlight the relevance of its provisions, decisions and processes to the planning, appraisal, design, construction, operation and

Environment is very low on the list of priorities of the World Bank. It does not give grants. It lends money only to credit-worthy borrowers and to projects that promise high rates of economic

If a country is using 20-40 per cent of available freshwater, it is said to be suffering from 'water stress" according to the estimates of the United Nations Environment Programme. About

This Guide provides an outline of how financing renewable energy works, with a particular focus on more mature end of the market i.e. the proven technologies that can be deployed now and at scale. It aims to show how policy looks and where it fits in from a financing perspective; as well as the range of other factors that need to be taken into account in doing an actual project or deal.