This first World Small Hydropower Development Report (WSHPDR) published jointly by UNIDO and International Centre for Small Hydropower (ICSHP) includes country reports for all countries from all regions of this world that use or have small hydropower potential.

This UNIDO report provides ample evidence of how and why structural change works and presents sustainable paths to industrialization.

The report, summarising results from the ATMOsphere Technology Summit and global surveys gathering perspectives from emerging economies, is another clear step to strengthen shecco’s involvement in international project activities helping developing countries seize additional climate benefits from natural refrigerants and foams.

This report demonstrates that a more sustainable energy future is within our reach, and that industrial energy efficiency is key. It shows how industrial energy efficiency can make a difference by providing a detailed comprehensive global assessment of potentials, technologies, economic benefits, as well as cost and barriers to be removed.

This report aims to provide a technological, economic and policy underpinning for the development of a global technology roadmap for CCS in industry. The roadmap will build on the IEA roadmap
on CCS that has already outlined a set of actions and milestones for CCS in the power sector and for industry as a whole. It will also build on the IEA global technology roadmap for the cement industry .

The report "Energy for a Sustainable Future," prepared by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The objective of this study is to prepare a medium-term strategy for the recovery and growth of the industrial sector in Punjab against the backdrop of resurgent growth in the Indian economy, the improved performance of the industrial sector generally
across India, and the expanding opportunities offered by the greater integration of the Indian economy with the rest of the world.

Currently, the main challenge is that the long-term, financially viable, widely available and environmentally safe alternative technologies are still under development in many fields. The research and development are fast but deadlines for compliance are also pressing.

The issues of ozone depletion and climate change have been at the forefront of the international community

UNIDO is a leading provider of services for improved industrial energy efficiency, enhanced use of renewable sources of energy and promotion of cleaner technologies. This report describes UNIDO