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Largescale planting of trees in deserts for fodder and fuel wood have always come a cropper since a continuous supply of water is never assured. Now, scientists from the Jodhpur-based Central Arid

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SRI Lanka's forestry master plan is to be revived, reports Mallika Wanigasundara from Colombo. The plan, which was prepared between 1983 and 1986, with the help of the Finnish Development Agency and

ALARMED by unchecked deforestation, the Thailand government launching an ambitious, three-year reforestation project in May, with backing from the Thai royal family.

CAN REGENERATING villages revive denuded hills? And, vice versa, can regenerating hills revive impoverished villages? Daulat Ram, the old man of Sukhomajri, a Gujjar hamlet near Chandigarh, once

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A beach resort proposed to be situated within a protected area near Puri has drawn the wrath of environmentalists who contend it will ruin the natural habitat of such endangered species as the black buck