New studies show large forest areas alone may not be able to counter the effects of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Institutional support helped rehabilitate the Irulas of Tamil Nadu after their traditional occupation of snake catching was outlawed.

IRONICALLY, trees are now a security problem for the army. The armed forces are seeking urgent permission from the environment ministry for selective tree-felling in the thickly wooded areas under

Field trials prove a deep rooted tree indigenous to Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra grows well in the Thar desert.

Putting retired Indian army personnel to work on reforestation was a unique and effective idea. But the decade-old scheme has been soured by a dispute over financing

PEOPLE who want to put their money in teakwood plantation schemes that look attractive on the surface should think twice, advises D N Tiwari, director general of the Indian Council of Forestry

HELPED along with generous grants from the World Bank and Japan to green the Aravallis, plus its own sizeable forestry budget, the Rajasthan government has embarked on an ambitious compensatory

The balding hills of Jadhera panchayat in Himachal Pradesh are regaining their vegetation, thanks to an unusual village chief

THE PRIME Minister needs to be congratulated for his decision to set up a department exclusively in charge of wasteland afforestation. He shifted the charge from the ministry of forests and

The minister of state for environment, Kamal Nath, had some radical words to say in Rio. "I don't understand why people here are talking about forests being national or global resources. In my