In line with its deregulation of the country's downstream oil industry, Nigeria is inviting bids to build independent oil refineries. The new private refine

An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has spread from Gabon to the neighbouring Congo. The country's health officials have identified 11 cases in a remote forested region on the northeastern border

A plant derivative can kill cancer cells by targeting at their high iron concentration

A new report

Mounting economic pressures cast a dark shadow on the future of camels and their traditional breeders in Rajasthan

Unsterilised syringes used in Africa in the 1950s may be at the root of AIDS

A fortnight after poachers killed four endangered black rhinos in southeastern Kenya, the Kenya Wildlife Service (kws) claimed that it had arrested one person in possession

there is hope for winged creatures in Germany. The Westkuestenpark Oiled Seabird Rehabilitation Centre at St Peter-Ording in Schleswig-Holstein is preventing around 200 birds from being killed

Global warming would decrease crop production in developing countries but increase it in the industrialised world

A hundred medicines, a dozen therapies but no cure, that is the story of asthma treatment world wide. Complementary medicine fill the vacuum