ends up in Africa? A suspect consignment reaches the shores of Kenya riling the natives

Droughts in west Africa over the past 20 years may have been caused by the destruction of rainforests in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, and further defore

All African countries through which the water of the river Nile flows, can hope to coordinate sharing of one of Africa's greatest resources. The 10 nations - Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zaire,

At least 217 people have succumbed to spinal meningitis over the past two months in Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana, according to a recent World Health Organization (who) report. who said in a statement

Strange but true. Health workers in Africa are successfully using antibiotics to slow down the spread of AIDS

Efforts to vaccinate children in eastern Africa against polio have been so successful that the region is

The new US foreign policy on environment, if well implemented, should shake African nations out of a long stupor into tackling massive eco degradation in the continent

Five African nations join hands to protect a marine system in the Gulf of Guinea

A long term plan for the protection of crops against civil unrest and drought is being drawn up by 12 African countries. Stocks of seeds will be stored by each country to fill up those of a

Africa apparently has become the new-found interest for Japs, who are quietly targeting their overseas development assistance (ODA) towards helping African nations create a strong base for science