PILE OF PERIL: Toxic waste from piles of unused pesticides in Africa is threatening people's health and the environment. Despite several clean-up measures by the Rome-based Food and Agriculture

The World Bank (wb) has cleared the construction of a 1,045-kilometre oil pipeline from Chad in central Africa to Cameroon's Atlantic coast. The move flies in the face of environmental concerns

Gabon is finally waking up to the significance of protecting its wildlife habitat. This African country, which did not have a single national park till now, has decided to leave aside a full 10 per

Africa s lax biopiracy laws leave its rich biodiversity exposed

ENERGY MINE Let's assume you have nothing to do with the demand or supply of energy. But one morning you wake up and feel an urge to find out about the strategic importance of the port of

World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD , Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002

South Africa waters down proposed ban on plastic

could well become a myth by 2007. More than half of the world' s population by then would be urban dwelling. The urban ecological footprint would fall over larger proportions of common resources says the 'Global Environment Outlook Three' report of the Un

THIS much-awaited report highlights the plight of the poor in these countries. The disparity between haves and have-nots have been documented in detail. The statistics are well highlighted. Take for

Wildlife experts said that the volcano, which had erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is not likely to dire