The United Nations Children's Fund (unicef), in a drive against polio in Pakistan, will provide a high potency vitamin for children under five years. The aim of the programme is to eliminate

Guess what is bringing death and disease to the coral reefs of the world? Dust from African deserts

Experts say changes in the Earth s orbit may have led to the formation of the Sahara desert

An artist's rendition of the Lunar Prospector shows the spacecraft

The United Nations General Assembly is holding a special session to draw up a strategy for limiting the world population, keeping in view the sharp divisions that exist on issues such as abortion,

The United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) will launch the first-ever planet-wide climate research programme involving

The European Union ( eu ) has banned fish imports from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The decision was taken after reports that Uganda had restricted the sale of fresh fish products

According to the World Health Organisation, about 31 million people in the world are living with 11IV or AIDS. Significantly, this includes-about one million children. In 1997, around 2.3 million

Programmes providing small loans are not effective for reducing poverty, stated a report published by the United Nations Department for Economics and Social Affairs. The micro credit concept has

Millions of people in Sudan are facing starvation following an outbreak of famine in the country. Aid agencies had warned just four months back about the impending famine in southern Sudan. A United