Kenya produces nearly 1.5 per cent of the world's coffee. However,

Across the world, the deserts are advancing, threatening the lives and livelihoods of about one billion people

africa: Many officials in this tiny west African country, are having a hard time coming to terms with Equatorial guinea's fantastic oil windfall. Last year, offshore petroleum production which

There is no answer to the water hyacinth menace in Lake Victoria

DNA studies suggest that a mere 500 people moving out of Africa could have populated the rest of the world

The founding president of African Academy of Science, Thomas R Odhiambo , has been working to evolve a framework necessary for stimulating technological development and environmental protection i

endangered monkeys can now be taught to avoid human poachers. Researchers have discovered that the Diana monkey, Cercopithecus diana, in C

It seemed to be a rough dirt road leading to nowhere. But these

The United Nations Development Pro

One of the case studies of this year's Stockholm Water Sympo