External debt has proved an albatross around the neck of African nations. At least two thirds of their total debt will have to be written off if they are to revive their economies

FREE trade in ivory may not be environment-friendly, but neither is a ban, according to a research paper published by economist Timothy Swanson in Economic Policy. He argues that though bans may

FOR AFRICA, by Africa, is the World Bank's new slogan while handling the continent's economic problems. V K Jaycox, vice president for the African region, recently said the Bank would no longer

PRESENTING Africa's first environment-friendly, fodder-efficient, money-saving, low-fat dairy in the dunes -- Laitiere de Mauritanie, which will pasteurise camel's milk in the country's capital,

Financial transfer estimates that generously portray Northern largesse are deceptive for they camouflage huge payments triggered by the Gulf war.

The state's attempts to stop environmental degradation in Bariadi district failed because they ignored the traditional knowledge of the people.

Information on the African rainforest elephant, whose survival is threatened, is trickling in now via satellite, thanks to a new technology. Wildlife biologists of the New York Zoological Society

Thanks to the foresight of an American plant collector 20 years ago, several bean varieties are today resistant to a pest scientists had given up trying to control. During a trip to southern Mexico,

Scientists have successfully used tiny wasps and an invisible fungus disease to battle pests destroying cassava crops in Africa and South America. Cassava, a starchy root crop native to Latin

Africa's success at Rio summit in securing international support for a proposed desertification convention seems to be short lived as Northern governments show reluctance to provide funds.