The new US foreign policy on environment, if well implemented, should shake African nations out of a long stupor into tackling massive eco degradation in the continent

Five African nations join hands to protect a marine system in the Gulf of Guinea

A long term plan for the protection of crops against civil unrest and drought is being drawn up by 12 African countries. Stocks of seeds will be stored by each country to fill up those of a

Africa apparently has become the new-found interest for Japs, who are quietly targeting their overseas development assistance (ODA) towards helping African nations create a strong base for science

Thousands of Africans fall prey to meningitis every year. A major initiative was launched this week by the World Health Organization ( who ) to control the recurring cycle of cerebrospinal

The predatory Nile perch, introduced with all good intentions into the Lake Victoria, is turning out to be the magnificent lake s nemesis

Annual emissions of anthropogenic Hg to the atmosphere in different regions of the world during the last decade show an interesting dichotomy: the emissions in the developed countries increased at the rate of about 4.5–5.5% yr−1 up to 1989 and have since remained nearly constant, while in developing countries the emissions continue to rise steadily at the rate of 2.7–4.5% yr−1. On a global basis, however, the total anthropogenic emissions of Hg increased by about 4% yr−1 during the 1980s, peaked in 1989 at about 2290 t and are currently decreasing at the rate of about 1.3% yr−1.

At a recent workshop on food processing technologies, African specialists felt they have found a way out of the serialised food crisis

Thousands of Africans fall prey to malaria every year. But a recent study shows that a Chinese herbal medicine could do wonders for treating cerebral malaria. The medicine called artemether can cure

An innovative tile that could go a long way in reducing the cost of housing construction has been developed in the African country of Cote d Ivoire