The announcement of the 10- year long, us $25 billion Africa Development Initiative comes as a much needed helping hand for a continent sinking into the quagmire of increasing debt and poverty.

The Denakil desert of Eritrea in Africa has turned out to be another exploration site for human fossils. In December last year, a team of Eritrean and Italian scientists led by Ernesto Abbate

There is a suspicion among African biomedics about the well projected linking of the continent's environment with the emergence of lethal viruses like the evil Ebola Zaire

The African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) population is declining fast. one of the most endangered large carnivores in the world, the wild dogs face constant threats in the form of loss of habitat,

Using S-I-R and S-E-I-R models, it was possible to simulate two Ebola outbreaks: the 1976 outbreak in Yambuku, Zaire and the 1995 outbreak in Kikwit, Zaire. The dynamics of these models are determined by the per-capita death rate of infected individuals and the per-capita effective contact rate of an individual contracting the disease.

WESTERN and 'civilised' notions concerning the relation between population patterns and economic status may seem to dominate our world-view today. This book exposes and seeks to counter

Sub Saharan Africa is on the brink of starvation. In spite of efforts made by the government and private organisations, the agricultural scene appears dismal

An agricultural revolution is in the offing in the Sabel, the driest zone of the West African semi-arid tropics. The change in agricultural systems is being spearheaded by the Sah Centre set

While malnutrition stays with us in a big way, the quantity of arable land per capita is diminishing rapidly. Africa's population has increased from just under 300 million in 1970, to over 500

TANZANIA will be invaded by red locusts if preventive measures are not taken on a war footing. The country's agriculture minister, Jackson Makwetta, says large colonies of locusts were spotted in the