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Both nitrogen and phosphorous are essential to life. Lynchpins both to global food production, circulating through synthesis or export and then through croplands and food into

Monsanto went mainstream. No, said the market

The UN Forum on Forest s fourth meet ended half a day ahead of schedule, raising doubts on the convention s ability to frame an agenda. Clifford Polycarp saw it all in Geneva

The government of African country Mali has stepped up efforts to eradicate guinea worm (Dracunculus medinensis) from the country. It appears that Niagassadiou, a village in the Mopti region of south

This article shows that despite increasing catches by foreign fishing fleets, the economic growth and social benefits from marine resources have not been met for many western African countries that host these fleets. A meta-analysis of changes in catches, market values, exports, imports, employment, access, and domestic supplies in western Africa since 1960 illustrates the impact of the expansion of distant-water fleets on not only the status of the marine resources and their ecosystems but also on the economic and social conditions of the people of western Africa.

The genetically modified (gm) food aid issue is snowballing into a major controversy across the continent. More than 60 groups

Treatment has reached many but tuberculosis still kills millions

A test may prevent bananas from becoming extinct

Ten African nations show how a river can be shared peacefully