Even as the government of Angola, mulls over a second draft of a legislation on land rights, aid and humanitarian organisations point out it could become a source of major future conflict. Tensions over land ownership are on the rise, as millions of Angol

• At the first African Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology for Development, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, ministers from 20 African governments committed to pursue all

West Africa is hell-bent on eradicating polio. In a remarkable effort, via "synchronized' national immunization day (nid) programmes from October 19 to 26, thousands of volunteers and health workers

The Nama are forever: The Nama community of South Africa are today scattered over four poor villages near the Namibian border. But, on October 14, 2003, their lives changed. On that day, the

The result obtained from stalagamites supplemented by past temperature records, type of vegetation, data from the oceans such as the growth rate of corals are used in drawing a conclusive picture of the past monsoons

Africa can now combat malaria

Global warming plagues Sahel

Last year's controversy about food aid from the us containing genetically modified (gm) materials appears to have left African nations wiser. Four

simple remedy: Garlic not only keeps the vampires at bay, but also pests such as slugs and snails, which cause millions of dollars worth of damage in countries with cool or temperate climates.

How inevitable was the collapse of talks at the World Trade Organization? How engineered was it? CLIFFORD POLYCARP reports from the streets and conference centres of Cancun