Syngenta charts new GMpath

• Greenpeace's newest ship, Esperanza is out at sea. It will sail from the Azores to Antarctica, informing people on the way about the crisis faced by oceans. The expedition's primary focus is creating a global network of ocean parks, marine reserves.

The us recently called for a free-trade agreement with 37 African countries, saying it will fuel economic growth in Africa. us officials proposed this in Washington on June 9, 2006, at the

To document and compare the magnitude of inequities in child malnutrition across urban and rural areas, and to investigate the extent to which within-urban disparities in child malnutrition are accounted for by the characteristics of communities, households and individuals.

Brain Drain

Rome meet says poultry and unregulated trade cause spread of avian flu

A gene that shuts down the body s immune system

hiv origin: The origin of HIV that causes AIDS has been found in wild chimpanzees living in southern Cameroon, according to an international team of scientists. A virus called SIVcpz (Simian