the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers is deliberating on a mechanism to promote neem-coated fertili

lakkhan Raghuwanshi had a bad harvest last monsoon. The farmer from Shyampur village, Guna district, cultivated soyabean, wheat and chana in 121 hectare (ha), of which he sowed soyabean in 61 ha.

The government is being severely criticised for the wheat it is now planning to import. Rightly so. India s season for wheat ended a few months ago. When the crop was being harvested the

Having to write a happy story makes me uneasy. Ten journalistic years of persistently sifting for what's wrong in every event/statement has taken its toll. Cynicism, an assortment of palliatives,

The agriculture minister told parliament last week that 100,000 farmers had committed suicide from 1998 to 2003, a period for which his government had data. This means 45 farmers killed themselves

Instead of designing a low priced indigenous tractor, industry copies models used abroad

What runs the small farming economy?

The needs of the small farmer require attention: small tractors or animal power? Both?

Elsewhere the bubble may have burst, but in rural India infotech is alive and kicking