The Karnataka government today launched an agricultural marketing policy aimed at fostering competition, capacity building, bringing in transparency and ushering in an era of single unified licence

Stating that the overall area under rice production had reduced from 45,000 hectares to 32,000 hectares in the last 10 years due to mining, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Director,

Maintaining or enhancing organic carbon is a slow process particularly in tropical regions where rapid decomposition of organic matter results in loss of carbon. Results of a number of experiments conducted in India and abroad conclusively proves the potential, however the rates of sequestration have been low.

The greatest challenge faced by scientists in agriculture and allied branches is to reverse the adverse effect of modern agricultural practices on environment, speakers at a farm training programme

Focus on eliminating middlemen to help farmers

The State Cabinet on Thursday is learnt to have constituted a sub-committee to draft an agriculture marketing policy which among others would provide thrust to infrastructure and help provide facilities to farmers to take their produce directly to the retailers by eliminating middlemen in the process.

GAIBANDHA, Jun 23 (BSS): Crops cultivation pattern is being changed in the district through turning two-crop land into three and four crops one gradually that helps the growers earn more benefit ap

A study published by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) in 2004 had warned the government against the “destruction of traditional tribal agriculture that ensured food security to the tribespe

Agricultural scientists in Bangladesh are guiding farmers to address global warming that poses serious threat to food production in the country in the coming decades, officials at the Ministry of A

Genetic modification in agriculture involves the release of modified living organisms into the open environment. It is a technology which is at present imprecise, potentially hazardous and irreversible.

Mangiana (Sirsa), May 21: Israel will run two training courses every year for progressive farmers from Haryana.