Genetic modification in agriculture involves the release of modified living organisms into the open environment. It is a technology which is at present imprecise, potentially hazardous and irreversible.

Mangiana (Sirsa), May 21: Israel will run two training courses every year for progressive farmers from Haryana.

The government has announced its intention to promote roof-top vegetable gardens across the State. This is to be achieved through the provision of do-it-yourself kits and technical support.

A pilot scheme to ensure a stable income for farmers in the long run is to be implemented in Villupuram district at a cost of Rs 15 crore.

A silent revolution is changing agriculture in Karnataka. Boosted by micronutrients, a new scheme is nourishing the soil, the food, and the farmer.

The Budget has provided ample resources for farmers and the farm sector even in a year of fiscal blight.

The Union Budget sought to consolidate the "remarkable progress" achieved in government's efforts to extend green revolution to eastern India by deciding to continue with the Rs 1,000-crore support

The Punjab Government’s proposal to the Centre seeking Rs 5,300 crore for diversification in the agriculture sector has failed to generate any response.

The New Zealand Government yesterday expressed a desire to set up joint ventures with Punjab in various sectors, including industry, agriculture and milk processing.

“Any need, any time” commission agents claim the Government cannot do without them, Food Corporation of India or not

Even before anyone from the visiting Press team could open the floor for conversation, a battery of arhtiyas (commission agents) at the main mandi here started off: “ Hamara challenge hai . Sarkar direct procurement karke dekh lein . Ho hi nahi sakta . [We challenge the Government to try and make direct procurement. It is not possible].”They were referring to the changes the Government expects once multinationals like WalMart, Carrefour and others enter the Indian retail market and go for direct sourcing from the farms.