Uttar Pradesh Govenment has chalked out an ambitious Rs 800 crore plan to reclaim wasteland in 27 districts identified in the State. Funded by the Centre and the State Govenemnt, the project would be

When Dr Jayant Narlikar, director of the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), planted three apple saplings in Pune last year, his colleagues were sceptical they would grow.

While bridging the 'lab-to-land-gap' has been the aim behind the series of Kisan Melas held in the country, some new ground is sought to be broken by the one being conducted in Shikohabad (UP) on 5

Chinese President Jiang Zemin has pledged to further farm sector reforms, stressing government guarantees that land contracts held by millions of farmers would be valid for 30 years. Mr. Jiang told

The simultaneous floods and drought in the state have caused massive crop damage, leading to a production loss of more than 27 lakh tons of paddy and vagetables in 11 districts. At least Rs 30 crore

A nationwide survey in UK of 3,500 farms aimed at establishing whether bovine spongiform encephalopathy has spread to sheep is to be undertaken in the new

India has banned the import of crop seeds containing the controversial Terminator gene, but farm experts and activists say this is not enough to protect the rights of millions of farmers that

The Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) is planning cultivation of hybrid varieties of coconut seedlings resistant to the dreaded root wilt disease. The hybrid varieties,

The Centre has released Rs 46.2173 crore out of its total share of 146.7426 crore for the six on going-schemes for boosting crop production. The Centre decided to continue the six schemes with a view

: The Punjab government has sought the assistance of various national research organisations including Forestry Research Institute, Peshawar to cope with the problem created by the diseases affecting