Farmers in Rajasthan are moving away from the traditional crop, jowar, to soyabean cultivation, largely due to the new varieties of high-yield seeds that are making them richer by the day.

Leading food experts have warned strict vegetarians not to eat any of the one million tons of soyabean which the government is importing into India from the United States.

A new 'flood-tolerant' breed of rice developed at the Rajendra Agricultural University in the State is fast gaining popularity among farmers in the flood plains of North Bihar. The high yield,

The rice production in Andhra Pradesh is expected to touch an all-time high of over 71 lakh tonnes this kharif season compared to the average ranging between 55 to 60 lakh

Himachal Pradesh is expected to produce over 2 crore boxes (around 3.6 lakh tonne) of apples this year despite a spell of drought this summer and mite disease attack, which affected its size.

The Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) has taken up a massive programme for extension of cultivation of Binasail, a high yielding variety (HYV) of paddy developed by BINA for the Aman

Vietnam is making the most of agriculture in the Mekong delta although soil fertility is falling and water flows are becoming unstable on the complex river system, an expert said on Thursday. Pham

Greens plan new ways to handle US co's claim: With the Indian Government dragging its feet on finalising its response to the Basmati patent claimed by an American company, environmentalists are

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will provide vegetable seeds to marginal farmers in Bangladesh to grow vegetables in the aftermath of flood. About 25 metric tons of improved variety of

The fate of the Pabna, Natore and Sirajganj (PANSI) Integrated Area Development Project has become uncertain due to alleged bureucratic tangles. The five year project, supposed to be commenced from