Nascent, nasty and lethal, ozone has risen to dangerous levels in Delhi, and is increasing in various cities

The adverse effects of ozone on human health

Conclusive evidence of crop damage by ozone in Pakistan

The Egyptian government scrapped controls on rents for farmland in October after a gap of five years. Egypt's 9,04,000 tenant farmers have become subject to a 1992 law allowing landowners to

the South Korean government temporarily banned the import of fruits from two areas of California on November 7 following the us administration's declaration that harmful insects were

the findings of the Central Institute of Research for Cotton ( circot ), New Delhi, published in the Indian Textiles Journal , say that it is favourable for the Indian industry that

Scientists of Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry have claimed success in controling the premature leaf fall disease afflicting apple trees.

There is no terminator gene, it is only a concept, Monsanto India country director, Mr Terry Bunn said at a hastily convened press conference to scotch rumours about the $7.5 billion MNC's

The best teas in the world are probably going through one of the worst times in its history. After witnessing record low crops in 1997, the Darjeeling tea industry is headed for fresh trouble. Even

As prices of farm products dwindle, and with them rural incomes, European farmers are redesigning their farms to take in tourists, a practice known as agritourism, and governments are helping them to