MPs criticised as "totally unacceptable" European Commission plans for an increase in farm spending as part of its proposed reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Commission has estimated the

China continues to be a predominantly rural country, despite rapid growth and structural transformation of its economy in the recent past, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said during a

The Andhra Pradesh Government has initiated a pilot project in the State aimed at providing comprehensive crop insurance to the farmers in two districts- Mahaboobnagar and Prakasham- which would be

The US Rice manufacturers are using 'Basmati' as a generic term to counter India's efforts to nullify the use of the latest patent on Basmati rice line. This would mean that, in time, Basmati would

Nearly 800 heads of cattle, including ecotic crossbred cows, have died in Moga, Ferozepur, Faridkot, ludhiana, and Mansa districts of Punjab following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

A total of 1.2 million poor people living in rural areas of the Loess Plateau in northwest China have bid farewell to poverty through an erosion control project financed by World Bank loans. The

A research project to simulate agricultural output during variations in weather and agri-resources and crop prices, will be carried out by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU), at a cost of

About one-third of US corn and soyabean land will be planted with bio-engineered seed this year, a seed company executive has said, and the figure probably will reach 50 per cent next year. US

Agriculture in Punjab is confronted with problems. These, according to experts, may affect the agro-ecosystem. The south-western region which contributed 15 per cent of the total cotton production in

The new variety of barley christened as "Vijay M 130" evolved by United Breweries (UB) is being viewed as major break-through in malt research. After its successful cultivation at Ugar, Karnataka