farmers to get Rs. 750 per hectare : The Karnataka cabinet, is understood to have decided that the compensation to be paid to farmers who have lost their crops to be Rs. 750 a hectare, subject to the

According to the United Natons Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), most of Iraq's farms are in bad state. The combination of international sanctions and government neglect has brought ruin to

Three Haryana scientists have helped animal husbandry to enter a new era. Soon the state will be leading in embryo technology, improving milch cattle breed in a big way and creating employment

After strong protests from India, the European Union has finally admitted that there is no reliable scientific method for testing the aroma for Basmati rice. Over the last one year, under the

The high-level team of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), headed by the former Union Agriculture Minister, Mr. Balram Jakhar, to study the phenomena of suicide by farmers in Karnataka and

minister : The Union minister for agriculture, Som Pal stated that watershed development will be his top priority in the new agriculture policy. The development of water shed projects would end the

Intense pressure and criticism from tens of thousands of citizens have pushed Agriculture Secretary Dan Glikman to decide that genetically engineered and irradiated food, and crops fertilized with

A fledgling Belgiam company which breeds predator bugs to kill pests has opened up a potentially huge and largely untapped market for environmentally friendly pesticides. In 10 years the firm,

A scientific team is now examining the genetic profile of basmati rice as part of the Indian Government's effort to build up a cast-iron case against the grant of basmati patent to an American

Two tribals died or starvation while a large number are awaiting the same fate with a serious food crisis gripping the state . Failure of the jhum crop and the administration's inability to keep the