The Inter-Governmental Group On Oilseeds under the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has endorsed the $1.5 million project for integrated pest management (IPM) in the coconut sector being

Intervet (India) Ltd is launching a project pregnant with possibilities for India's bovine population. The project, at Jagannathpur in Orissa, seeks to inject new breeding techniques for cows at a

The Roslin institute, based in Edinburgh in England, has denied reports appearing in a section of the press that it had patented genes from the 'Venchur' breed of cows under conservation in the

Monsanto Co. is working with the Australian research organisation, CSIRO, to add a second gene to its Ingard gene technology, which fights insects that attack cotton crops, a scientist told a cotton

Portable solar-powered air dryers, meant for dehydration of fruits, vegetables and other food items, have been introduced in the market by Dr. Rao Associates (DRA), Hyderabad. The dryers have been

Greenpeace cut down about two tonnes of Novartis transgenic maize in two EU-countries to highlight the risks posed by the maize. Greenpeace demands an immediate sepration of the conventional and

Crop scientists have identified a plant that may emerge as an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers for jute

India is likely to witness a foodgrain shortage of about 28 million tonnes by the year 2025 as demand would far outstrip the supply going by the present growth trends, a study

Scientists : As Basmati hits the headlines in the series of legal battles over India's natural resources, scientists are outraged at the misuse of a published Indian research paper by the American

A recent audit report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India has pointed out that the Maharashtra Government overpaid more than Rs. 1400 crores to cotton-growers in the State during the