European Union nations formally adopted controversial proposals on the labelling of genetically modified foods in spite of opposition from Denmark, Sweden and

It could soon be common practice to put insect larvae on your roses to kill off aphids such as greenfly and blackfly. Scientists have discovered a natural, environmentally friendly ally in the fight

Haryana, which ranks second in per hectare production of garlic in the country, is now emerging as a trend-setter in popularising the production of this bulb crop which is a major foreign exchange

In the past five years, Ethiopia has tranformed its agricultural polciy by, among other things, investing more money, providing farmers with more services and, perhaps most important allowing them to

As many as 1.3 lakh fowls in poultry-farms have perished due to the oppressive heat conditions prevailing in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh for the last two weeks. Most of the deaths

An amazing case of a loan write-off by the government of India, which along with interest and penal interest exceeds Rs 1.23 crore, 25 years after it was given to farmers for agricultural pumpsets in

A large majority of the paddy growers in Punjab have ignored the advice of experts both with regard to time of transplanting and choice of variety. They had started transplantation a month ahead-

Mechanisation and commercialisation of agriculture has led to a drastic fall of cattle wealth in the country and some of the pure breeds are facing extinction, say environmentalists. The Siri cattle

Extensive use of Nawab 72, a variety of cotton seed illegally brought in from Pakistan three years ago, has severely damaged cotton crops which are infected with leaf-curl

The first suicide by a farmer in sugar-rich southern Maharashtra was reported three weeks back. Yet Sharads, the widow of debt-ridden Shankar Jujar, who killed himself in desperation, is still trying