Poverty is proving a curse to farmers and landless labourers in even a prosperous state like Punjab, where during the past few years, suicides because of indebtedness have become a common feature in

A microbiologist of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Delhi has discovered a new group of soil bacteria that enables farmers to reap bumper harvests of wheat, cotton and sunflower

The country's first early maturing maize hybrid that can be bred quickly has been developed by crop scientists who say the breakthrough will improve India's maize production considerbaly. Compared to

The Tea Board in Mumbai is in the process of working on the patent for Darjeeling tea and has initiated discussions with the Government officials and overseas

The Karnataka Government, which about a fortnight ago, made a formal representation to the Centre seeking fresh assistance to combat crop failure in several districts, submitted a fresh memoradum

The deadly marek's disease affecting chickens that has raised concern among poultry owners of Gurdaspur is not hatchery-borne,according to an expert. Clarifying reports that chickens were not

The issue of procuring a patent for Darjeeling tea is being speeded up with results expected within six months, according to planters involved innegotiations with the Tea

Monsanto seeks more time: Monsanto Co., in a move likely to please the consumer groups, is asking the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to delay for at least three years a decision on whether

Unseasonal rain and repeated hailstorms have posed a serious threat to the tea industry in the Kangra valley. Tea produced in the area in April and May fetches the maximum price in the international

The Supreme Court has directed the Attorney-general to report on the action taken by the Government in order to prevent biopiracy as in the case of the basmati rice patent.According to a press