The Orissa Government is expected to launch a renewed campaign against shifting cultivation which is posing a major threat to its forests and environment. The Government has reasons to sit up and

For the past four years, Colombia's anti-drugs police, backed by the United States, have tried to eradicate coca-growing in its southern jungles. Chemicals are being sprayed to eradicate the crop.

The French Government has launched an urgent scientific investigation into why honey bees in western France are becoming disoriented and dying in millions, unable to find their way back to their

In an unexpected gesture of generosity, the Union agricultural ministry has sanctioned an extra RS 2.5 crore for an ambitious pepper development project of the Kerala government. The sanction is

The 23rd Congress of the International Society of Sugarcane Technologies, which will have relevance for the Indian sugar industry which is striving to improve productivity, will be held here from

The authorities have occupied prime farmland in Gauchar, Uttar Pradesh, to construct an airstrip that will benefit tourists both at home and abroad. But it will affect the livelihood of many

A massive peasant rally and public meeting, involving 50 farmers' organisations in the country, will be held in Hyderabad on May 1 under the aegis of the Joint action forum of India people against

Indonesia will face a record food deficit as a result of reduced harvests, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) report. A recent FAO/WFP mission to the

The deadly Mericks disease, that has struck chickens in Gurdaspur district is continuing unabated with a number of chickens having fallen prey to the malady. The first symptoms of the disease were

Australia pulls back on two chickpeas : After basmati, it would have been the turn of chickpeas to turn videshi. But in a major victory for India, the Australian seed industry has abandoned its