Members of the Rajya Sabha today called upon the government to take immediate action and to move the World Trade Organisaiton, to counter an American firm's acquiring a patent for basmati rice, a

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute, Srimongal has released a new high yielding variety of tea clone namely BT II. The average per hectare of BT II clone is 5179

After an American company Rice Tech Inc., helped basmati find a breeding ground in the heart of Texas, it is the turn of tea companies to start sweating. Kenyan tea companies are keen to go a step

The issue of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) has become serious with other countries laying claims for products tradionally produced in India, but had gone without patenting. Inaugurating the

subsidy is an indirect payment given by governments for various economic and social reasons. A major part of the "cost' of the subsidy is paid by the government. At the same time, granting

The soybean productivity levels of this South American country are rising sharply, a trend that could drastically increase production if planting continues to expand, a Brazilian resear

An engineer with the Agriculture Dept., in partnership with a company that makes berry-picking equipment, has developed a machine that shakes the leaves of citrus fruits until the fruits falls off -

In mid-February, Indian papers reported that RiceTec Inc., an American rice producer in Texas, had received a U.S. patent for a new variety of basmatic rice it had developed. The company wants to

Silk production in Malda, West Bengal, which accounts for a share of 6.5 per cent in the state's raw silk output, has suffered due to large scale usage of pesticides in the neighbouring mango

Consumers should be ready to face another year of shortage of onions and consequently, exorbitant rates in the retail market. Reason: decline in the area under onion crop, not only in the north but