The boom in Sri Lanka's tea industry could turn into gloom if steps are not taken quickly to overcome an impending labour shortage, experts have

Sheep are available as loans in what is called as "Sheep Bank". This bank is situated in Harobele Village in Karnataka. Here, sheep are akin to currency notes. Those who obtain loan from this bank do

Severe drought in Texas has cost the state's farmers and ranchers some $1.75 billion so far this year, according to a new estimate published on Wednesday. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service

It is like the early days of nuclear power. This time the field is agriculture. Those in favour of genetically modified crops are promising plenty, those against are conjuring up a mega disaster

Birds nowadays do not chirp at the mango groves in Malda, nor do bees come to pollinate the flowers as the chemical pesticides have rendered the orchards poisonous. Chemicals have been used at least

A new hybrid seed of maize, "Kanchan Ganga", developed by a Hyderabad company, a pioneer in production of high-yielding seeds in the country, has turned out to be a boon for the farmers in the Mandi

The current vegetable production is estimated at 71.5 million tonnes and is targetted to reach, 110 m.t. in 2000 AD. The area under vegetables is 5.97 million hectares which is 2.7 per cent of the

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute has released for cultivation by farmers two maize composites - Pusa Composite 3 and Pusa Composite

According to Britain's farming community, a far worse disaster than BSE is about to strike. Bovine tuberculosis (TB) is on the rampage again, threatening the country's 120,000 cattle herds and

The Ministry of Co-operative Development has launched an action plan to set up " Co-operative Agricultural Villages" countrywide to stimulate rapid agricultural development in Sri Lanka through the