India's agriculture scientists are hunting for the "Terminator", a gene developed by US biotechnologists which they say threatens the livelihood of 400 million farmers and food security in this

a number of European countries have refused to support an attempt by the European Commission to prohibit national import bans on genetically engineered maize by Novartis, the multinational

Researchers believe that thunderstorms and electricity help plants grow better

A new strain of rice keeps off weeds and trebles yeild

Godfrey Baseley, the man behind "The Archers", BBC's popular serial on agricultural information, is dead. His 'gossip' was valuable advice to the country's farmers

australia's Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics ( abare ) has said that poor rainfall in the eastern region of the country will lead to below-average crop yields. Stephen Beare,

a purple weed, Lythrum salicaria , that was brought from Europe and released in North America 200 years ago is threatening wetlands across the us and Canada. Bernd Blossey of Cornell

researchers in France have found

researchers in Germany have dis

Troubled by the degradation of soil and water, French farmers are now switching to a more sustainable practise of agriculture