Indian scientists develop an array of naturally hued cotton.

The food and life sciences giant, Monsanto plans to start field trials of its trangenic cotton, Bollgard, in India within two years. Monsanto's transgenic cotton, also known as Bt cotton, is a

The recently concluded national seminar on wheat and wheat products development strategies for the decade has estimated annual post-harvest losses for wheat at 20 million tonne. The seminar was

The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Bansi Lal, recently launched a comprehensive programme to improve the Murrah breed of buffaloes. This incentive-oriented programme which aims at preserving, improving

Ganesh Kishore, St Louis-based chief biotechnologist at Monsanto, revealed that the company has developed a genetically changed oilseed rape plant. The plant which may be on the market within three

Hemp is grown freely in much of the world. In March, Canada legalised its commercial planting after a 60 year ban: and the EU subsidises its production. But, not surprisingly, the plant is causing a

The Punjab Government had decided to launch water management project for saline areas during the current year and fixed 20percent target of development work up to June 1999. At present, salinity as a

India's agriculture scientists are hunting for the "Terminator", a gene developed by US biotechnologists which they say threatens the livelihood of 400 million farmers and food security in this

a number of European countries have refused to support an attempt by the European Commission to prohibit national import bans on genetically engineered maize by Novartis, the multinational

Researchers believe that thunderstorms and electricity help plants grow better