An international conference on "Using Diversity" was organised by the South Asian office of the International Development Research Centre in New Delhi between June 19-21, 1995. The main focus of the

Can life countinue to survive on the sun's energy harvested by photosynthesis

Alarm has been sounded by the us Agriculture Department (usad) which, in its crop report for June, says that the world grain carryover stocks for 1996 are about to crashland to a record low level --

Common garden snails, a cherished culinary delight in Vietnam, are now becoming a major agricultural menace. Billions of snails -- particularly the big, imported, tea-cup sized gastropods known as

Farmers in the developing world are in for tough times ahead. A 1994 Food and Agricultural Organization publication titled Medium- Term Prospects for Agricultural Commodities warns that the rate of

The US Food and Drug Agency recently approved Naltrexone -- a medicine to cure alcoholism. The effectiveness of the drug was studied at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, USA.

AGRICULTURE ministers of the European Community (EC) member-nations seem extremely reluctant to go ahead with their proposed "green agenda" at the cost of offending the farming

Researchers at the us Agriculture Department claim that pest population in grain stores can be controlled by increasing the population of a tiny insect-eating bug. Lycotcoris Campestris -- the

The Tamil Nadu Assembly recently passed a bill to regulate aquaculturtb, amidst vociferous protests by the Opposition members, who opined that the bill would only force the farmers to

British farmers are on the defensive as opposition mounts from animal welfare groups on current animal farming practices. In early February, a group of about 2,000 animal lovers clashed with the