The government bans the use of BHC. The industry files a petition and the issue hangs fire

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a non-governmental organisation providing agricultural scientists a forum to Interact on important agricultural issues, released a policy paper

Bio-crigineered mustard varieties which have yielded nearly three times the national average yields have been tested by New Delhi's Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI). Apart from

Recently, Bangladesh signed four agreements with Vietnam. The accords were on the formation of a joint commission for economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between the two nations.

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) organised the Third Agricultural Science Congress in collaboration with the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, Punjab, on March 12. The

A regional pact in Geneva proposes to ban or restrict the use of persistent organic pollutants

to catch a thief. Cultivators now use a fungicide derived from mushrooms to eliminate fungal infection in their crops

China has launched its first ever agricultural survey which involved 230 million rural households in approximately 800,000 villages. The survey, said He Huanyan, an official with the national

three commercial farms, Narsinv Plantations, Reliance Agro Industries and Hoysala Farms, have decided to challenge renewal of mining leases by the powerful mining industry in Goa. The farms are

A gadget which will tell you with a melody and a flashing light that a houseplant needs water has been developed by APC KK, a Japanese firm. Called Do Plant, the gadget uses two 1.5-volt batte