Research has now established the benefits of sea water plants

PREDICTIONS of the Union ministry of agriculture foresee India as the third biggest rice exporter in the world in the next financial year after the us and Thailand. It is estimated that

THE Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) based in New Delhi, is setting its sights higher. Wanting to increase the country's present share of the global agricultural trade from 0.5 per


The people living in the harsh semi-arid mountainous region in Peru's Vilconata Valley are finally savouring the outcome of their labours: the fresh vegetables and fruits which they grew

AUSTRALIA's premier grain growing areas have been invaded by an army of mice. According to Ken McElligot, lands minister of the grain-rich Queensland state, 400,000 tons of the cereal would

The 20 papers included in this book examine 3 issues -- market access commitments, plant breeders' rights and reduction of export subsidies on agro-exports. It has been argued that the

The Indian Trade Promotion Organisation will be organising an international exposition of sophisticated technology in agriculture and industrial technology -- including environmental technology -- at

AUSTRALIA is planning to resurrect hemp or Cannabis sativa, the -crop which once grew aplenty in the continent but was later abandoned by most farmers. Its high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

In a bid to ease workload on rural wometi in coastal areas, a simple yet effective fish scaler has been developed under a Food and Agriculture Organization project (IRED-Forum, No 53). The

An international conference on "Using Diversity" was organised by the South Asian office of the International Development Research Centre in New Delhi between June 19-21, 1995. The main focus of the