A Nepalese community that grows vegetables using traditional techniques is now succumbing to population pressures and rapid urbanisation.

The Uruguay round of GATT resulted in a severe backlash by small farmers all over the world, but made exporters and big farmers happy.

Laxity of joints can be a boon or liability, depending on whether they are subject to mobility or load bearing.

The new trade order ordained by GATT affects India's entire economy. Some consider it a new form of colonialism, but others see it as a bountiful opportunity.

Human behaviour may, after all, be the upshot of molecular games. Scientists working with voles -- mouse-like creatures -- found that monogamy and parenting among these animals depended critically on

French peasants fearing withdrawal of subsidies under the European Community's agricultural policy must be relieved to find the just concluded GATT did not ask for any radical changes.

A study reveals how subsidies are encouraging farmers to waste water and use land and fertilisers unsustainably.

Travellers entering USA may soon be identified by their hands. The identification system, known as Inspass, provides each traveller with a card that has a nine-byte code describing the shape of their

SCIENTISTS say the increase in the atmospheric concentration of methane -- a major greenhouse gas -- is fast levelling off (New Scientist, Vol 140, No 1991). Evidence of a halt in methane rise

IRKSOME mosquitoes? Forget mosquito repellant mats, grow a geranium instead, and have the odour of citronella waft the annoying creatures away. An Australian company has developed a new plant --