Zap! And another pollutant bites the dust

In every sphere of human endeavour, the use of biological indicators provides an elegant device, as they do not disrupt the stability of natural ecosystems

It was an experiment to clear the air in polluted Sao Paulo, South America's biggest city, so as to allow Paulistanos breathe more easily. Motorists, depending on the last digit of the licence plate,

An emissions trading programme, introduced in the US to provide incentives to companies for emission control, could be an effective instrument in checking air pollution

Following economic liberalisation, China has seen an upward swing in profits and pollution. The government is now planning to expand a scheme in which factories have to pay a fee according to how

motorists in the country can now contribute to cleaner air by spending a few extra bucks on a device which detects pollutants in the air and then releases oxygen. The gadget, controlled by a

A fuel made from recycled cooking oil promises to curb air pollution and provide an alternative to diesel as well

The Mercedes Benz has developed biofilters to eliminate the bad odour emitted by metal foundries. The use of these filters shall replace the ineffective conventional method of using acid baths to scrub the stinking exhaust air

Sootprinitng is the eco sleuth's new weapon for identifying the source of air pollution by setting up a databank on various types of soots to help Policymakers frame stricter norms for emissions, especially for the manufacture of cars, automobile lu

A new smog-eating automotive technology has been developed by Englehard Corporation of the US. The new automobile coating, designed to destroy ozone and carbon monoxide is now being