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Research has revealed that modern humankind has no genetic link with the Neanderthal people

The link between acid rain and avian waste

UK s Labour Party fails to reduce growth of traffic

Realising that there was a need to go beyond the "business as usual" scenario, the Hague ministerial declaration on water security in the 21st century recognised the diversity of needs and

DOES a new millenium have something to do with the attention that zero gets? Suddenly, we have two good books on zero. First, there is Charles Seife's "Zero, the Biography of a Dangerous Idea',

according to local media reports, Russia may sell its space station Mir to China. Reporting on the last round of bilateral defence cooperation talks held in Moscow in the first week of March,

volcanic rocks and ash spewed by the Mayon volcano located in the Albay province of the Philippines have destroyed crops worth around us $2.65 million. This initial estimate did not include

A new scientific method for forecasting urban air pollution in China has been lauded by a government-backed science committee comprising nine senior scientists. The method, considered a major

Residents sleep with doors and windows shut tight. Dangerous gases are released at night in Dombivli

Not till the middle of the 21st century. So be prepared to leave your children behind in a living hell. Unless you are prepared to browbeat your politicians into action