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Smoking has been banned in Seoul's primary and secondary schools. To ensure that the ban is effectively implemented, teachers and students are being imparted more anti-smoking education by the

Gas hydrates can be a promising source of natural gas

Industry sells us a nightmare packaged in a dream world of glitzy cars

Pollution causes birth defects

The Nepalese ministry of population and environment is formulating national standards for air, water and noise pollution. It will serve as a mandatory regulatory system for the entire country. The

The slow and steady route is not an option for us, that is, if we are serious about clean air

IS THE world's environment really in crisisor is thecrisis simply in the imagination of environmental groupsresearchers andthe media? In The Skeptical EnvironmentalistBj

Riverine fisherfolk, arguably the oldest among traders, are being sold down the river. An unholy synergy of poisoned rivers, government apathy and commercial interests has scripted the epitaph of the original stewards of the river. Ironically, their

A comprehensive, spatially resolved (0.25°×0.25°) fossil fuel consumption database and emissions inventory was constructed, for India, for the first time. Emissions of sulphur dioxide and aerosol chemical constituents were estimated for 1996–1997 and extrapolated to the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) study period (1998–1999). District level consumption of coal/lignite, petroleum and natural gas in power plants, industrial, transportation and domestic sectors was 9411 PJ, with major contributions from coal (54%) followed by diesel (18%).

Emissions from two stroke engines remain poorly studied. One US study shows how vital such analysis is for public health