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Waterborne diseases are the biggest threat to children

Childhood cancer rates in India are increasing by six per cent every year

There seems to be no light at either end of this tunnel, what with a chain of protests being sparked off recently. First Italy filed a complaint against France with the European Commission for its

Fast food and slow death

When pencils and paints lead to lower IQ

Children don t have a voice. They can t lobby or fight governments. The initiative lies with India s medical establishment and the civil society

Current heat wave is not just an aberration, feel experts

Children are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation. Across the class divide, they are eating, drinking and breathing poison. And their special bodies make them most vulnerable to a host of diseases

SYED ISHAQ GAILANI Head of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan and one of the four groups, which signed the Bonn agreement in December "Afghanistan has its own democratic systems. If

To protect the health of its citizens, Singapore may tighten its automobile emission standards to the Euro III level immediately. These tougher standards will help limit fine particulate matter.