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In the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, neeru (water) is scarce. Like so many other Indian cities, water supply from government facilities through pipes has been extremely poor

The Guwa

Five years ago, Nigerian social activist Ken Saro Wiwa was killed because he fought against multinational oil companies and dared to assert the Ogonis claims to their resources. Now, oil giant Shell will face a lawsuit in the US that could cost the comp

A Japanese study suggests that city life contributes to premature death

The media and the government keep mum on pollution cancer linkages and the abysmal medical help available in India against the menace

Air pollution and poor power supply can be two sides of the same coin. This is the message of the first environmental audit of electrostatic

Who follows the public hearing procedures? Neither the government nor the project promoters

After a successful anti nuclear energy campaign, a Danish group is happy to fade into history

the Supreme Court has, in a significant judgement, ruled that no religion prescribes or preaches that prayers are required to be performed through voice amplifiers or beating of drums and "in

A Supreme Court division bench has reverted one of its order passed in 1996, which stipulated that brick kilns causing air pollution due to the use of fly ash technology should be relocated and