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according to a report compiled by the United Nations ( un), toxic waste emitted from industrial facilities hit by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (nato ) air strikes on Yugoslavia

India is facing a serious double burden of disease. Most of the old infectious diseases like malaria, filariasis and kala-azar have not yet disappeared; indeed they are bouncing back. At the same time, other chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders are becoming more dominant.

The revival of an ancient waterway could solve the water scarcity of this pilgrim town

health Care Without Harm, a us -based coalition of environmental groups accused the World Bank of "environmental racism' for backing projects that fund dioxin-producing medical waste

the third European conference on environment and health recently organised in London resolved to set an agenda for improving health and environment standards in Europe for the next

a government advisory panel has

At personal risk, an unlettered farmer vows to stick to his forest protection programme

The US and Canada agree to share their salmon resources

did the earliest flying birds evolve from fast runners that learnt to flap their wings and take off? Proponents of

The Red Planet Mars never ceases to surprise scientists. The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has found