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Concerns about tackling the menace of acid rain grows in Japan

Aided by officialdom and politicos, polluting industries seem well cushioned against thunderous court orders

The iron hand of the law has fastened on the Rourkela steel plant. Owned by the Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), it has been served a show-cause notice for bucking the Anti-Pollution Act. Ten

US's Democrats and Republicans break common bread over the fairness, or otherwise, of the Regulatory Reform Bill that could make industry accountable for the phenomenal fouling of America

... and also eyes, vegetation, forests, crops, buildings, statues, monuments .... The latest reports of the World Health Organisation show that our cities are becoming like throwbacks to an

A coating of concrete could entend the life of a road to at least twice its normal term

In an effort to save the world's dwinilling stock of fish, pharmaceutical and nufritign products industry are turning towards algae-derived polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Two firmis -

New technologies to detect concealed arms and drugs

Cigarette smoking causes increased risk of developing facial wrinkles