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The government has declared a state of emergency in Sarawak situated on the Island of Borneo, due to the hazardous level of smog that has enveloped the nation. The smog throughout the country has

The ecological balance of the islands of Galapagos is being threatened by population growth,

The Sikkim government has decided to scrap the Chu hydel project

pollution alerts have become frequent in France. Paris authorities issued pollution alerts twice last month. The first was issued on August 13, when a northwesterly wind significantly reduced

A soup of chemicals found in modern offices may be harmful to the occupants health

Rising temperatures in the Antarctic are harming penguins

Two US ships used for carrying hazardous waste were broken in Gujarat

A plan to reintroduce wolves in Scotland s forests runs into rough weather

Factors that contribute to Asia’s continuing environmental imbalances

Environmental degradation in Asia could impose an onerous burden on its people