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The state-run Chinese Petroleum Corpo

China invested heavily in environmental protection in 1998

Long-term exposure to atmospheric particles less than 10 microgrammes in diameter (PM10s) can increase chances of lung cancer in men, says a new study. David Abbey and his team from Loma Lind

a study carried out in Faridabad, south of Delhi, has revealed that the level of air and noise pollution is far in excess to the permissible limits. The study was undertaken by the Environment

The industry should stop hiding behind the petticoats of the government and factor in environmental concerns into its investment policies on a proactive basis

Panchakarma , an ayurvedic treatment, holds the key to Bhopal gas victims recovery

Fires ravage forests in many parts of northern India

Bamboo could be a potential source of green gasoline

japan's health and welfare ministry will publish the names of privately opera

Germany is going to promote installation of photovoltaic (PV) equipment on 100,000 roofs and facades throughout the country. In terms