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for the last two years, anti-cracker campaigners had been working overnight to persuade Delhites to stop bursting crackers. If figures released by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee ( dpcc

Rising cases of respiratory ailments in children, due to air pollution, fail to stir the Indian government

NASA discovers the largest ever ozone hole over Antarctica. A wake up call for industrialised countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Siddhant Panigrahi, 3, has Non Hodgkin s lymphoma. This resident of Rajgangpur town, Orissa, was treated at AIIMS, New Delhi. His treatment, lasting for about eight months, gives an idea of the economic cost of cancer treatment

Yes, India does have a National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP). It is run by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi. It is quite another matter that not a single report has come

The poorest people in urban India live in foul environs. Research from across the world shows that the poor stand greater risks of several cancers. Also, their chances of survival are extremely low as compared to those who come from the higher social str

There is overwhelming evidence that some of the common cancers target the poor

Some of the most common cancers in India are directly linked to poverty

Lung cancer is a result of the deadly cocktail of smoking, air pollution and poverty

Environmentalist Anil Agarwal, founder of CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), booming with concern, fighting to strike a balance between environment and development.

"A million Gandhis are not a problem but if you have a million Clintons, it's a big problem"