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The number of premature deaths due to high levels of spm in Bhopal are estimated to have decreased from 663 in 1991-92 to 623 in 1995. Similarly, the incidence of illnesses have also gone down from

Pune has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the cleanest cities in the country with regard to air quality. The number of premature deaths in Pune is estimated to have decreased from 991 in

DTE tried hard to get updated data on the total sector-wise emissions in various Indian cities from the CPCB. Unfortunately, our efforts turned out to be futile as the CPCB pollution inventory is far

• It is estimated that nearly 52,000 people died

Average SPM levels in the ambient air at major traffic intersections in Calcutta

Annual average levels of SPM in the ambient air of 36 Indian cities in 1995

More people have died in Delhi between 1991 and 1995 by inhaling small suspended particles laden with toxic chemicals. The levels of spm spiralled dramatically from 367.9 micro gram per cubic metre

Air quality in Indian cities has never been worse. More and more people are dying in urban India due to high levels of pollutants in the air. The Centre for Science and Environment fed a model

There is poison in the air. With every breath we take we shorten our lives or ruin our health. And it is getting worse every year

Nearly 12 persons were killed and 30 injured when an earthquake with a magnitude of six on the Richter scale hit the Indo