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The DTC's plan to buy new eco friendly buses is left hanging as Delhi government stalls the deal. Manish Tiwari and Anumita Roychowdhary report

... for clean air

• The DTC floats a tender for modern, commuter and environment-friendly urban buses. • Nine companies, including Volvo, Daewoo, Optaire and India's Ashok leyland and TElCO, bid.

According to the World Health Organisation, about 31 million people in the world are living with 11IV or AIDS. Significantly, this includes-about one million children. In 1997, around 2.3 million

A recent study by Daphne Wysham from the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies shows that a significant portion of the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation's (OPIC's) resources are

A good sex increases your chances of conceiving, say researchers

A new grafting technique for ziziphus (known as her} has been introduced by the Mithawan Watershed Management Project in Pakistan. Ziziphus is abundantly found in south Asia. Its products include

A recent patent from British Petroleum (BP) makes a disturbing admission: piston-engined aircraft need such high-octane fuel that tetraethyl lead is still added to it to keep its octane rating up. So

I would have been delighted to see Sahib Singh Verma go, not because of the price of onions, but for the way he handled Delhi's air pollution problem

After a year of droughts and famines, South Asia is bracing itself for La Nina, the other half of El Nine weather phenomenon which had wreaked havoc all over the world last year. Malaysia has already