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For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two drugs intended to help behavioural problems in pets. Clomipramine can now be used to treat canines suffering from

The ancestors of major animal groups may have existed 700 million years earlier than biologists realised. The fossil record suggests an "explosion' of animal life 530 million years ago, when many

The biggest cause of lead pollution may be incinerated waste, not vehicles

Lawsuits related to the Y2K bug are banned in four US states

An epidemic of lung cancer caused by asbestos will sweep Europe, killing a quarter of a million men over the next 35 years, UK-based doctors have warned. "The figures are horrifying,' says Julian

A group of scientists have reported the development of a reflecting surface that is highly reflective for a broad range of wavelengths and is also insensitive to the angle at which the light strikes

Drip irrigation was first used in Israel for agriculture

Hong Kong disappeared under a blanket of filth as the air pollution index shot up on January 19,1999. According to country's Environmental Protection Department, the smog was caused by low winds

For 35 years, Adhurai fought against Grasim Industries for polluting the environment in his village in Kerala. No one heard him. But after he died of cancer induced by the pollution, a mass agitation threatens to down Grasim s shutters forever

Rich or poor. The story is the same in every country. Those who respect water will always have a steady supply