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Aerosols from Asia are poisoning the environs of the Pacific Ocean, say researchers

Urban air pollution is an emerging threat to Bhutan s uncontaminated air

A new study seeks to link pollutants to the spread of prostate cancer

australian government will use a fungus to fight a weed, which has destroyed vast areas of the country's natural bushland. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and

CSE analyses ARAI data, proves gross polluter concept exists in India. Further, emissions do not correlate with the age of the vehicle

Insecticides are being used to control a virus in the US

Some important recalls in the US

Fearing a ban, Indian industry has announced that it can accept emission warranty system for two stroke two wheeler vehicles with catalytic converters. But is it yet another eyewash

the Delhi government's Prevention of Food Adulteration (pfa) Department has recently seized 20 samples of substandard milk. The 20 samples were a part of 63 samples taken from milk tankers

The way to clean up the air is to pollute groundwater, according to the Indian government