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Transportation is a major source of air pollution in many countries around the world due to the high number of vehicles on the roads. Vehicles introduce toxic materials into the atmosphere that have several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem. Examples of such pollutants include Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Oxide, particulate matter, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide.

The Sri Lankan players had to wear pollution masks on day 2 of the third Test against India at Feroz Shah Kotla due to increased level of smog. However, this is not the first time a cricket match has been held up due to inclement weather conditions but it is the first time that a match has been halted due to increased level of pollution as the Lankan players complained about the poor air quality. Should Sri Lankans have continued to play or is it too much to ask international athletes to expose themselves to hazardous levels of pollution to play?

Innovations to make the air we breathe cleaner:
Our cities are fast becoming hard to live in, courtesy the polluted atmosphere. Breathability is at an all-time low. In this episode of Future Perfect 2.0, we talk about solutions that are making our indoor, and outdoor air quality a bit better.

NGT slammed Delhi government for not taking effective steps to curb pollution. The green tribunal pulled up Kejriwal government and instructed it to come up with action plan within 48 hours.

Public Forum : Delhi's Pollution Crisis

India's top environmentalist Sunita Narain speaks about what she would do if she was the environment minister, and why she thinks the government, institutions, big companies and citizens need to do more to save the environment.

The Delhi government is planning to implement the third phase of the odd-even scheme from the 13th to 17th of November. The move comes after the National Green Tribunal and the Delhi High Court came down heavily on the state government for the pollution menace. Watch exclusive Newsroom from smog covered Central Delhi bringing the ground zero report on the killer pollution.

As north India goes through another day of 'severe' air pollution, we take a step back and look at this environmental disaster not just from the prism of the political slanging match but also from a saner perspective. What can we do to deal with this apocalyptic situation now beyond knee-jerk solutions like a half-hearted odd-even scheme?

Delhi is gasping for breath! The smog attack is getting worse by the day in the National Capital Region with medical experts and environmentalists raising the red flag over the health hazards. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal brought back the odd-even in the capital & he puts the blame on farmers in Haryana and Punjab for stubble burning. National Green Tribunal has asked civic bodies to stop burning of waste in the NCR region. How to save Delhi which is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis is the topic of discussion on this edition of India Development Debate.

Public Forum : Smog Chokes Delhi