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ALL the diatribe and deliberations about protecting the ozone layer have not been just a lot of talk. Recently scientists reported that the concentration of ozone-depleting chemicals in the

A RECENT report could throw open the portals of the us research and development (R&D) industry to let in foreign talents. A committee of the National Academy of Engineering has recommended that

THE Mediterranean coastline has become a dumping ground for cement, asbestos and chemical companies in northern Lebanon, which release cancer- causing toxins into it. According to

IN A move that has raised eyebrows among animal rights activists, Canada called off the seal hunt on its east coast a few weeks ago. The opponents of the hunt suspect that the decision

A recent study highlights the need for better pollution control technology and stricter laws to curb the emission of minute particles of air pollution, which claim thousands of lives in the US alone

THOSE taking a trip to space need no longer subsist on a staple diet of frozen food straight out of tins. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the us announced recently that a

WATER with arsenic in it may be the most poisonous drink for us, but for two strains of bacteria, discovered by French researchers, it is the daily means of sustenance. A stream flowing through

FAULTY AIDS test kits manufactured by the Chicago-based Abbott laboratories Incorporated, have forced thousands of Europeans to face the anxiety of undergoing the test all over again.

A BATTLE royale is threatening to break out between chocolate manufacturers of the European Union (Fu) and cocoa producers in developing countries. At the crux of the issue is what should go

POPULATION control has just got its first big success in permanent contraception for men - an injection full of the male hormone, testosterone. This contraceptive, after worldwide trials on 399