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THIS book contains all one would want to know about environmental management in the context of the existence of plenty alongside poverty. But for those not familiar with the dynamics of the symbiotic

The tendency to acquire the power of absolute pitch may be genetic

madhya Pradesh has set a record by being the first state in the world to implement the new concept of People Protected Area (ppa). Introduced under the United Nations Development Programme

Toeing the green line, General Motors has developed a car that does not pollute

...and how it leads to environmental degradation

Several social groups are trying to restore the link between Hinduism and the environment

How the environment sacred to Hindus is bearing the brunt of pollution in the name of religion

Simply put it is an amazing gap between theory and practice. Yet it is one of the main reasons why India's environment is as degraded as it is today. Followers of the Hindu way of life have forgotten the emphasis that is laid on nature, the environment an

The Union Carbide concealed information about radiation levels in a uranium plant for 20 years. Murky details are coming to light now

In response to the changing public perception of plastics, there have been moves within the government to remedy India's plastic pollution. In September 1996, the ministry of environment and