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An affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by the Indian automaker TELCO suggests a misinterpretation of the WHO s views on air pollution. The motive is easy to guess: to protect the commercial interests of the company, even if it means obfuscating the s

There is growing concern over the pollution caused by festivals like Diwali

The dense foliage around the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is fast disappearing

Babies raised on formula feed are twice as likely to be obese at five-

Foot and mouth disease has broken out in Livingstone and surrounding areas. Humphrey

Due to decades of neglect and indifference, air quality in Indian cities has worsened rapidly, triggering a serious public health crisis. Central and state governments are still at a loss in dealing with the problem and except Delhi, no city is taking effective steps to control pollution. Even in Delhi, the drive to deal with pollution is not coming from the government but the Supreme Court. Recently, high courts in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have clamped down on the polluting three-wheelers by either banning them or pushing them to run on cleaner fuels.

The Pillayarkuppam-Kirumampakkam area of Pondicherry is quite close to an industrial estate. In response to regular complaints by the residents of the area, S A Abbasi, senior professor and

levels of airborne benzene, which is known to be carcinogenic, were found to be alarmingly high at two major junctions at Mumbai, according to a preliminary study by the National Environ

New York city battles with E coli bacteria

People who seek fulfilment only in material well being are not satisfied, says the shrink, looking at the dark side of the American dream