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Rising concerns today about global warming owing to the build-up of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane etc) in the atmosphere, has drawn the world's attention to global biomass

An environmental survey by the national environment secretariat, the division of power and the forestry division of Bhutan, found that nearly 3,737 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 13.2 kg of methane and

Have you been undergoing bouts of lethargy at work or at home lately? Do you feel your memory has started playing tricks with you? Are you getting constant headaches, nausea, eye-throat-nose

Humankind faces the most prolonged and worst exposure to pollution within the four walls of its homes indoors where biomass combustion spells a quiet doom for millions. Surprisingly, most research has chosen to ignore this problem in favour of the mor

ALL the diatribe and deliberations about protecting the ozone layer have not been just a lot of talk. Recently scientists reported that the concentration of ozone-depleting chemicals in the

A RECENT report could throw open the portals of the us research and development (R&D) industry to let in foreign talents. A committee of the National Academy of Engineering has recommended that

THE Mediterranean coastline has become a dumping ground for cement, asbestos and chemical companies in northern Lebanon, which release cancer- causing toxins into it. According to

IN A move that has raised eyebrows among animal rights activists, Canada called off the seal hunt on its east coast a few weeks ago. The opponents of the hunt suspect that the decision

A recent study highlights the need for better pollution control technology and stricter laws to curb the emission of minute particles of air pollution, which claim thousands of lives in the US alone

THOSE taking a trip to space need no longer subsist on a staple diet of frozen food straight out of tins. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the us announced recently that a