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* 1,153 tremors hit Khandwa between September 11 and November 27. * Mega earthquakes are predicted in Khandwa by 2003, and in the Northeast by 2010. * The entire population of Pandhana town and 23

The nightmare is not over yet

Is donating blood beneficialfor your heart?

A reliable method for detecting soldering errors on circuit boards has been developed by the heavy industries division of Mitsubishi in Japan. Three perpendicular laser beams just

A massive protest was held in Hong Kong demanding -action against the rising air pollution level. People wearing gas masks and holding placards proclaiming "Diesel is deadly" and

CARTER BRANDON an environmental economist in the environment and natural resources division of the World Bank WB , has done considerable work in assessing the environmental and health impacts of pollution in Asian countries, including India. His

Hurricane Mitch leaves Nicaragua and Honduras devastated, and over 10, 000 dead

• Hurricane Mitch dumped as much as 65 cm of rainfall in a single day. • Thousands of landmines, laid during the nations' civil wars, have been scattered all over by floods and

Birds can remember. And quite well too. A new experiment sheds more light on how they do it

An erupting volcano forces conservationists to airlift endangered tortoises to safety