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Environmentalists in Europe are campaigning for a tax on aviation fuels to reduce aircraft emissions

As a result of air pollution in Delhi, strains of toxic metals like lead and cadmium are increasingly finding their way into the womb

the El Ni

In the US, this is the third year of farmers successfully growing crops that are genetically engineered to make their own pesticide, known as Bt toxin, a natural poison obtained from the soil

efforts to cut global carbon dioxide ( co 2 ) emissions have not yielded much success. Recent findings indicate that the emission from burning of fossil fuels has continued to increase. The

the book drives home the point that pollution prevention is more economical than pollution control. Japan attained economic success through modernisation and rapid industrialisation. But this

Laws need to be strengthened and implemented properly to protect the environment

The EPA has also come out with new water standards

The US Environment Protection Agency has launched new air pollution standards for particulate matter. Industry will have to gear up

Discovering new bird and animal species just became easier