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Hurricane Mitch leaves Nicaragua and Honduras devastated, and over 10, 000 dead

• Hurricane Mitch dumped as much as 65 cm of rainfall in a single day. • Thousands of landmines, laid during the nations' civil wars, have been scattered all over by floods and

Birds can remember. And quite well too. A new experiment sheds more light on how they do it

An erupting volcano forces conservationists to airlift endangered tortoises to safety

A novel polymer coating, the echocoat polymer, could make heart operations Wer by helping doctors keep track of medical devices used in heart surgery. The plastic works by reflecting

Citizens voice their concernfor a dwner environment

Radio telescopes will tell about the Universe

An investment of Rs 300 can bring electricity to every household in rural India. Humble cow dung can do this and more

Researchers may soon develop pota- toes that could prevent diabetes. Transgenic potatoes produce large amounts of substances that in turn produce a foreign protein. Such potatoes have been suggested

The DTC's plan to buy new eco friendly buses is left hanging as Delhi government stalls the deal. Manish Tiwari and Anumita Roychowdhary report