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a large oil slick is threatening marine life and birds along the United Arab Emirates (uae) coastline. The slick was caused by a stricken barge that spilled about 4,000 tonnes of crude oil into

The world's biggest exporter of rice now faces a serious threat: rodents. Peasants, struggling with the country's hard hit economy, are breeding Nutria coypu , or beaver rats, in a bid to make

Canada and the US are going to investigate dioxin emissions from iron and steel plants

The Gujarat High Court has issued notices to the Gujarat State Fertiliser Corpo

Unscientific coal mining is threatening the pristine beauty of Meghalaya while affecting the lives of many people

an asteroid that splashed into the Southern Ocean about 1,500 km southwest off the Chilean coast two million years ago has solved several mysteries of nature: why the fossils of land and sea

nasa has announced the launch of two satellites

The World Bank's report on the environment in East Asia says that disease and death will increase steeply among China's city dwellers unless the country tackles its growing air pollution. The

Cancer and air pollution go hand in hand in eastern Europe, where an ecological nightmare is still unfolding

Dr S K Chabbra, reader and head of the department of cardiorespiratory physiology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi, is among the few doctors to conduct an epidemiological study relating air pollution to respiratory morbidity among adults and