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The Union and the Delhi governments pledge to tackle air pollution

Schools in Tehran are closed due to pollution

The Delhi High Court has expressed strong displeasure over varying stands taken by authorities on the trade of human hair. The court has directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to carry out an

the European Commission ( ec ) is about to approve plans to clean up air quality. It plans to impose strict limits on benzene and carbon monoxide emissions. The new benchmarks will force

To understand the problem posed by diesel, it is necessary to understand the new information that has emerged over the last decade about its ill-effects. The first big finding come with air pollution experts discovering that diesel exhaust consists of 10-100 times more particles than petrol. More than that, experts soon began to realise that it is not the total quantity of particles that matters so much for public health as the size of the particles in vehicular exhaust. This monograph busted the myth that diesel is the fuel of the future and shows how harmful it is for the health.

Frequent tremors in Khandwa, which lies on the Budwani Sukta fault line, may be signs of a larger quake to come

* 1,153 tremors hit Khandwa between September 11 and November 27. * Mega earthquakes are predicted in Khandwa by 2003, and in the Northeast by 2010. * The entire population of Pandhana town and 23

The nightmare is not over yet

Is donating blood beneficialfor your heart?

A reliable method for detecting soldering errors on circuit boards has been developed by the heavy industries division of Mitsubishi in Japan. Three perpendicular laser beams just