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There's gaiety on the greens as the European Parliament drops a directive on patenting genetically engineered life forms

A groundswell of opposition is brewing against studies claiming that a wide range of behaviour patterns like criminality, alcoholism, schizophrenia, homosexuality and manic depression are genetically

DNA fingerprinting will now turn the screws on illegal trade in birds in the uk. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the British police have joined hands to bring the technique to

India passes back the buck to industrialised nations as wranglings over the Climate Change protocol continue

THE industrialised countries are back to their pre-Rio game of chess. They imposed their narcissistic environmental agenda on the economically atremble South by virtually bamboozling it into signing

South Africa's stubborn Whites are blocking the "new order's" desegregation in schools

Britain's us $28 billion roads programme will now receive a touch of green. End-January, the government unveiled plans to establish a new unit which will lead in planning, construction and

A haze of polluted air has dimmed the glitter of the country's financial capital. A study conducted by the Maharashtra government with support from the World Bank revealed that increasing levels of

A controversial CITES decision allowing South Africa to sell live rhinos may be based on fudged figures

Genetically engineered food produced from crops which will not rot will now be savoured by the British. Zeneca Group Plc has just received a green signal from the UK to launch cans of